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All information and content on this website has been assembled to our best knowledge and is continually updated. However, MOLOGEN AG does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any information presented.

MOLOGEN AG is not liable for any loss or damage, either material or immaterial, caused by the use of this website.

MOLOGEN AG reserves the right to change, remove, or withdraw the content of individual pages or the entire website as well as this disclaimer itself without any advance notice.



The layout of our website, including all images, visual and graphic elements, and texts are proprietary and subject to copyright protection. Any use, in total or in part, requires prior written consent.


Links and Referrals

The district court of Hamburg has ruled on May 12, 1998 that the inclusion of links leads to co-responsibility for the content of the linked websites. According to the ruling, it is only possible to disclaim responsibility by expressly distancing oneself from the contents of the linked or referred websites.

MOLOGEN AG does not control the content of external websites. MOLOGEN AG expressly distances itself from all external contents, even if these contents are linked to from our website.


Protection of Data Privacy

All submitted data such as e-mail addresses, telephone or fax numbers, and others will only be used for immediate company communication. No such data will be made available to third parties.


Projections and Forward-Looking Statements

Certain parts of this website contain forward-looking statements, or negative forward-looking statements, or variations on these, or similar terminologies, all of which will here be defined as forward-looking statements.

In addition, all information presented on this website referring to planned or future results of individual business units and areas, financial operating figures, developments of the financial situation, or other financial figures or statistical information, also contain such forward-looking statements. The company would like to point out explicitly to all foresighted investors that these forward-looking statements do not constitute accurate prognoses of actual future events and may therefore not be relied upon as such.

MOLOGEN AG is not bound to update these forward-looking statements and disclaims all liabilities resulting from such updates. The forward-looking statements are only current as of the date of their publication.


Legal Effectiveness

This disclaimer / exclusion of liability is a fixed part of the Internet offer of MOLOGEN AG referred to on this page. Insofar as parts or individual formulations of this text do not completely conform to current law, the content and validity of the remaining parts of this disclaimer / exclusion of liability shall remain unaffected.