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MIDGE Transfection Vector

Die folgende Einführung in die MIDGE Transfektions Vektor Technologie steht zur Zeit nur in Englisch zur Verfügung.


Results by Marcus Gorschlüter et. al
Introduction: Gene therapy and genetic vaccination
Viral Vectors
Non-viral Vectors
The MIDGE transfection vector technology
Summary: Comparison of vectors


Gene therapy and genetic vaccination

Gene therapy and genetic vaccination are new concepts for healing or preventing human diseases.

Most diseases have to do with genes at some level. Sometimes the genes are that of a foreign organism trying to invade, as in a virus or a bacteria-born disease such as tuberculosis, or even malaria. In other conditions, it might be the body’s own genes that cease to work together as they were designed to, leading to cancer or autoimmune disease. Genetic diseases in the classic sense, meaning a defect in a gene leading to problems early or later in life, are relatively rare but sometimes very disabling to those afflicted by them.

In Gene Therapy, gene transfer is used to improve the condition of the
patient. In some disorders, this shall be achieved by replacing or
supplementing defective or missing genes.

In a wider sense, Gene Therapy also involves the concept of genetic immune modulation, for instance to suppress the rejection reaction after a
transplantation, to suppress disfavourable immune stimulation in autoimmune diseases such as lupus, or to elicit a powerful immune response against a tumor.


Missing Genes
Immune Modulation

In genetic vaccination, a gene encoding an antigenic protein cloned in expression vectors is transfered into the patient. The patient subsequently develops an immunological reaction against the bug, never having been exposed to more than the genetic blueprint of it.


Immune Activation
Antigen Recognition

The administration of genetic information to a patient can offer significant advantages over a more traditional pharmaceutical approach. Among these advantages are an increased efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of the treatment.

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