Welcome to MOLOGEN AG

Our research - for you. That means, we conduct research to develop highly effective drugs with few side effects and excellent tolerability. Our main focus is on oncology and severe infectious diseases.

We use latest expertise from the fields of molecular medicine and immunology to enable the human immune system to fight the disease or disease pathogen itself - an approach that we are promoting with great conviction.

Using our own, patent-protected technology platforms, we are able to produce highly effective and extremely well-tolerated drugs against diseases with high unmet medical need. 

MOLOGEN AG, a biotechnology company focused on cancer immunotherapy, has organized the first set of investigator meetings for the phase III IMPALA study. Study teams from all eight countries where the trial will be conducted attended the seminars in Barcelona and Berlin. The aim was to allow investigators and study nurses from the participating... [more]

MOLOGEN AG has succsessfully placed all the new shares from the capital increase resolved on 5 February 2014 in the context of a private placement in the amount of 1,541,244 shares (equivalent to 10 per cent of the current share capital) with qualified investors. The issue price was set at EUR 10.20 per new share. The share capital will therefore... [more]

Interim Report 2nd Quarter 2014

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Interim Report 1st Quarter 2014
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Annual Report 2013

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