The Scientific Advisory Board of MOLOGEN AG

The Scientific Advisory Board of MOLOGEN AG is a committee of acknowledged, internationally renowned scientists from the disciplines of molecular medicine, infectious diseases and/or cancer as well as industry experts. It advises the Board of Directors on fundamental scientific procedures, new technologies and areas of commercial activity. 

The Scientific Advisory Board currently comprises three members:

Prof. Dr. Burghardt Wittig

Co-founder and former CEO of MOLOGEN AG, Professor of Molecular Biology and Bio-Informatics at the Free University of Berlin, Germany

Dr. Ulrich Granzer
Founder and Managing Director of "Granzer Regulatory Consulting & Services" from Munich, Germany

Dr. Martin Weihrauch, M.D.
Specialist in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Internal Oncology at the Center for Integrated Oncology and Clinical Managing Director of the Medical Care Center at the University of Cologne, Germany