The strategy

Our own technology platforms, developed in-house, form the basis for innovative drugs that are researched and clinically developed in line with state-of-the-art molecular medicine and immunology findings.

Our diversified product pipeline is geared towards medical need and the products' market potential. We focus on diseases that currently have inadequate treatment options, respectively affect high and growing numbers of patients.

The field of oncology is the main focus of our activities. As a result of demographic change in industrialized nations and the advancing development in emerging countries, this field will also be one of the future's strongest-selling classes of therapy. Our products, thanks to their excellent tolerability and innovative mechanisms of action, offer significant advantages over other medications available. Our drug candidates in this field are being examined and developed within ongoing clinical studies.

The field of infectious diseases also continues to be an interesting growth market. In this case, we are focusing on vaccine candidates that tackle diseases with a high medical need or which offer scope for significantly improved vaccines. Our modern DNA vaccines are currently on the threshold of clinical development.

The objective is to validate our drug candidates in the context of clinical studies and prove their efficacy and tolerability. In the next stage, our products will be licensed out to pharmaceutical companies. The concluding clinical studies, the market launch and sales will generally be carried out by licensing partners, optionally with our collaboration. The licensing partnerships will generate significant revenues for MOLOGEN AG from upfront and milestone payments as well as profit sharing agreements.

In light of the strong medical demand and their excellent tolerability, our product candidates have tremendous sales potential. Our goal is to utilize this potential in collaboration with expert partners.