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  • Licensing-relevant study to examine the efficacy of MGN1703 in the treatment of metastasized colorectal cancer

  • The multicenter study will start immediately after approval

MOLOGEN AG has applied to the...


  • Application submitted for approval of a clinical study I/II

  • Second MOLOGEN product candidate moves into clinical phase
The Berlin-based biotechnology company MOLOGEN AG submitted an application for approval of...


  • Promising cancer drug set to enter second stage of development
  • New patents in the US for innovative product candidates
MOLOGEN AG made significant clinical advances in the third quarter of the current fiscal year: The...


  • Cancer drug MGN1703 demonstrates excellent tolerability in phase 1b study

  • Application for phase 2 study on drug approval to be submitted soon
MOLOGEN AG has reached the primary objectives of the phase 1b...


  • Excellent tolerability of the cancer drug MGN1703 demonstrated

  • Provisional evaluation of effectiveness indicates tremendous potential
MOLOGEN AG has reached another major milestone in the clinical study with...


  • Patent protection in the USA for innovative product candidate
  • Preparations for application for clinical studies with cell-based gene therapy of renal cancer
The patent office in the USA has decided to grant MOLOGEN AG the...


A licensee of MOLOGEN AG has initiated arbitration proceedings at the German Arbitration Institute. The background to this is the request made by the current licensee to return the licence it acquired to market cell-based gene therapy for the...


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