Investment studies

The following list includes analysts, banks and securities firms that regularly publish research reports and comments on the MOLOGEN share:

Edison Investment Research Ltd.

Analysts: Dr. Susie Jana & Dr. Daniel Wilkinson

Update 10 November 2017:
Valuation: 256 m Euro or 7.43 Euro per share (7.36 Euro)

First Berlin Equity Research GmbH

Analyst: Simon Scholes

Update 20 November 2017
Recommendation: Buy (Buy) and target price 13.10 Euro (13.30 Euro)


The above analysts' indications on the MOLOGEN share are provided by Edison Investment Research Ltd. and First Berlin Equity Research GmbH. The information are based on the analyses, reports, recommendations, and assessments performed by analysts. The analysts' opinions, forecasts, estimates, and projections regarding the performance of MOLOGEN AG merely reflect the opinions of these analysts and do not reflect the opinions, forecasts, estimates, and projections of MOLOGEN AG. MOLOGEN AG hereby expressly declares that it does not endorse the recommendations, opinions, and conclusions of analysts, nor does it support nor confirm them.

MOLOGEN AG does not assume any liability for the specific information presented, or that such information is accurate, complete, or up-to-date. MOLOGEN AG is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by third parties as a result of information contained on this web page. The information provided on this web page does not constitute an invitation to buy, hold, or sell securities, any other investment recommendation, or any offer or advertisement for securities.



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