Patient information

Clinical studies are carried out to find answers to scientific questions and to significantly improve the medical treatment of future patients. This also applies to MOLOGEN AG.

The first use of a promising medical treatment on humans must therefore be a clinical study aimed at testing the efficacy and tolerability of new medicines and therapies. A study of this kind must, however, only take place if there is sufficient data available on the product’s safety, and if it has received a positive vote from the responsible ethics commission and supreme federal authorities.

The studies carried out by MOLOGEN AG listed here have already undergone this very strict verification process. They are important preliminary stages on the way to a drug being approved. The medications developed by MOLOGEN AG are not yet available to be prescribed or purchased.

Some of the drug candidates developed by MOLOGEN are, however, undergoing testing in clinical studies. In this section you will find information about our ongoing clinical studies and our research.

We specifically point out that the information on this website is in no way intended to replace the advice of a doctor or to be understood as a medical recommendation.

As a patient, you should always seek comprehensive medical advice before making any decisions regarding your treatment.

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