Lefitolimod: TLR9 agonist in the treatment of HIV

About HIV

HIV infects the immune system and destroys or affects the proper function of immune cells. Without antiretroviral treatment, this eventually leads to immune deficiency and the immune system can no longer fend off a wide range of infections and diseases. HIV remains a serious worldwide health issue. According to estimates by WHO and UNAIDS (United Nations Programme on AIDS) 37 million people worldwide were living with HIV at the end of 2015. Some 2 million people became newly infected in that same year, and 1.1 million died as a result of HIV-related causes globally.

Collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark

The aim of the extended phase I study TEACH is to investigate whether lefitolimod can activate the immune system in HIV-positive patients to enhance destruction of the HIV infected cells. This could expand the potential range of applications for the product. 

The study is being carried out in collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital in two hospital centers in Denmark and the study has already received funding from the American Foundation for AIDS research (amfAR). MOLOGEN provides the immunomodulator lefitolimod.

Strategy program "NEXT LEVEL"

Dr. Mariola Söhngen CEO MOLOGEN AG