On the international research landscape, significant progress has been made in the area of cancer therapy in recent years. Many of these therapies, however, which are currently established as standard, cause considerable ailments for patients in view of their side effects. In order to avoid these, cancer research is working on therapies and medicines that are not only efficacious, but which are also well tolerated.

Immunotherapies are regarded as being particularly promising in this respect. MOLOGEN AG is pursuing two independent pathways which both show very good tolerability:

MGN1703 uses the technology platform dSLIM® and activates the immune system on a widespread and massive scale. This is intended to enable the patient's immune system to recognize the body's own cancer cells and fight them. The drug candidate is currently undergoing clinical testing for the indication colorectal cancer, and is soon to also include a further indication (lung cancer).

MGN1601 has a very different mechanism of action compared to MGN1703 and works like a therapeutic vaccination against cancer. In this case, modified tumor cells are used in combination with dSLIM® molecules which act as an adjuvant. This drug candidate is currently also undergoing testing in a clinical study for the indication of renal cancer.