Press release from Dezember 21st, 2001

Mologen to Switch in 2002 to the Regulated Market

Yesterday Mologen Holding AG signed a contract with the BHF Bank outlining the admission, and price fixing, of Mologen Holding AG shares to trading in the regulated market (Geregelter Markt) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

A company report will be compiled on the basis of the audited financial statements for the year ending on 31 December 2001 and an application will be made for admission to trading. Based on present estimates, it is expected that quotation in the regulated market will commence in the middle of the coming year. In view of the current market situation, the company managing board does not deem it advisable for the stock to commence quotation in the "Neuer Markt" at present.

The reason for this change of segment to the regulated market can be attributed to the high acceptance of this market segment in particular among institutional investors.

Mologen was one of the first German biotechnology firms to be listed on the stock exchange in 1998. The number of shares outstanding are 4,950,000. With a share price of EUR 14 and market capitalization of approx. EUR 69 million, Mologen occupies, with regard to market capitalization, a middle rank among the German biotechnology firms listed on the stock exchange.

Mologen develops and utilizes new gene-based technologies and products for preventing and curing diseases. The main focus of development is on the MIDGE® technology, which has been patented by Mologen. This is the ideal tool for deploying genetic information safely and efficiently as a medicine.


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