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Mologen launches in the USA new product for the R&D markets

Researchers of University of Bonn Faculty of Medicine together with Mologen's CEO, Professor Wittig, reported on applications, safety, and advantages of the Mologen technologies MIDGE and dSLIM at the annual June meeting of the American Society for Gene Therapy (ASGT) in Seattle. In a well tuned set of scientific lecture and presentations the data of a recently published clinical trial on human kidney cancer (phase I/II) were explained to and discussed with a large community of clinicians and scientists. In perfect synchrony, the renowned journal "Molecular Therapy" published a scientific paper, authored by the same team (Schakowski et al., Molecular Therapy Vol. 3, 793-800, 2001). Here, the superior properties of MIDGE over "conventional" plasmid-based vectors were proven experimentally.

In a show of biopharmaceutical industries, accompanying the ASGT meeting, Mologen's marketing and production partner, globally operating Fermentas, a corporation of Lithuania, promoted a MIDGE construction kit for the research and development markets. Fermentas has licenced MIDGE kit from Mologen. Mologen regards MIDGE kit as an ideal marketing tool for MIDGE technology, since the international scientific and medical communities will become familiar with MIDGE at an early stage of their respective research and development projects.


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