Mologen to Rise in the Regulated Market:
Shares to be Quoted from Monday on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Berlin, 24 July 2002

The admissions' committee of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange approved last Monday the company report submitted by Mologen Holding AG. Following this, ING-BHF-BANK AG, the bank backing Mologen's application, requested that trading of Mologen Holding AG shares on the Regulated Market (Geregelter Markt) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange commence on 29 July 2002.

A group of prominent institutional investors, whose statutes require that shares be quoted at least on the regulated market, are investing in Mologen Holding AG. Dr. Guido Sandler, deputy chairman of Mologen Holding AG, stated in this context: "On effecting a change of segment from the over-the-counter segment (Freiverkehr) to the regulated market, we make it easier for institutional investors to participate in Mologen Holding AG. Moreover, we can expect better access to the media, which in principle do not report regularly on companies trading in the over-the-counter segment".

While compiling the company report, for whose accuracy and completeness both the company and the supporting bank, ING-BHF-BANK AG are liable, scientific, business management and legal due diligence investigations were conducted. Any member of the public who is interested can consult the findings of these investigations by requesting the company report from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or from the company. Prof. Burghardt Wittig, founder and CEO of Mologen Holding AG, stated: "The information supplied by us in the company report, in particular as regards our patent situation, should assure our investors that our research investments have generated real assets".

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