Further Important Patent Granted in the USA

Berlin, 28 October 2002

The American patent and trademark office has granted the patent for the manufacturing process of the key technology of Mologen, the MIDGE technology (Minimalistic Immunogenically Defined Gene Expression). Just a few days after the granting of the patent for the molecular design of the MIDGE gene packets (notification of October 23, 2002), there is now legally-effective protection for the MIDGE manufacturing process as well under the patent US 6451563 B1 with the title "Method for making linear, covalent closed DNA constructs" and therefore an exclusive market situation for MIDGE in the USA.

Patients are to be administered genetic information, and illnesses are to be prevented or healed, with the aid of the MIDGE gene packets. MIDGE is already undergoing trials, by business partners in the USA as well, for use in DNA vaccination, tumor immune therapy and gene therapy.

Further explanations:

Content and Significance of the Patent

The content of the patent protection is the manufacturing process of the barbell-shaped, linear double-strand MIDGE molecules. MIDGE is manufactured with a good yield and a high degree of purity according to this process. This patent is therefore a valuable technological supplement to the MIDGE patent, and it is viewed as being a second important basic patent.

Mologen views MIDGE as being a key technology that will make it decisively easier for large pharmaceutical companies and numerous biotechnology companies to develop promising DNA-based medication and get it approved on a world-wide basis. The benefits of the MIDGE technology lie in the three crucial criteria of safety, efficiency and costs.

The corresponding German manufacturing patent has already been granted. The European patent is expected to be granted in the near future in view of the current status of the testing process.

General Information on Mologen

Mologen went public in 1998 as one of the first biotechnology companies in Germany. The shares of Mologen are being traded since July 29 of this year in the Regulated Market on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Mologen has set a goal for itself of making MIDGE the market-dominating format for prophylactic (preventative) and therapeutic (healing) DNA medication for household pets, economically-useful animals and people within the next four years.

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