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Molecular medicine is a new discipline of medicine, which encorporates knowledge and methods of genetics, cellular biology and genetical engineering. It´s greates promise is to enable the understanding of disease on a molecular level. This understanding might make it possible to develop medicines that treat causes rather than symptoms of disease.
 nerve cell
A nerve cell has been programmed to emit green light by transfering the genetic information for a fluorescing protein
Maybe the most exciting development is the use of genetic information to treat or prevent illness. In order to achieve this goal, genes which are missing or defective are transferred to the patient´s cells. One use of this "gene therapy" is the treatment of cancer cells with genes that are able to stimulate the immune system of the patient. Mologen has developed technologies aimed at facilitating the use of such cancer treatments.

Another related development is genetic vaccination, which promises to bring a number of great improvements to preventive medicine, among them:

  • easier, faster and more cost-effective development and production of vaccines 
  • vaccines for indications that so far are without efficient preentions (HIV, Trypanosoma (Malaria)) 
  • stable and safe vaccines that can be used without the need for constant refridgeration, enabling theri use in tropical and economically disadvantaged settings. 

Mologen develops technologies and products for these fields of medicine; one example are our MIDGE vectors. From the initial concept to clinical studies, Mologen develops solutions for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines for the human and veterinary patient.

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Molecular Medicine 

Molecular medicine is a medical discipline that combines achievements and methods from such diverse areas as molecular biology, genetics and cell biology. Molecular medicine hopes to tackle the root cause of a condition, not to just ameliorate its symptoms.

The ”Molecular” in the term molecular medicine is best explained in view of the vast knowledge obtained in recent years that relates to molecular structures in cells and organisms. Today it is often possible to nail down the pathogenic, or disease-causing, components of a virus to the very last atom. Thereby, mechanisms can be suggested to tackle any affliction at the molecular level. Unfortunately, the discovery of the genetic or molecular makeup of a virus does not necessarily mean that science has understood the way a virus makes people sick. The rational design of a cure from this knowledge is even further away. But the step-by-step unraveling of the molecular mechanisms will bring science closer to this goal.

One of the most exciting aspects of molecular medicine is the use of genetic information in the treatment of disease. DNA or RNA is transferred into the patient´s cells; the genetic message is then read and used by the body to whatever medical purpose it was introduced to achieve. This is called gene therapy.


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