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Sequence Analysis & Interpretation:

MacMolly Tetra

Being on the market since 1988, this comprehensive set of tools offers a wealth of functionality:

  • Search for Restrictionendonuclease cutting sites, translation, backtranslation
  • PCR-Primers, Hybridisation probes
  • Fast pairwise and multiple alignments (similar to BLAST)
  • Rigorous pairwise and multiple alignments (Smith & Waterman algorithm)
  • SWISS-PROT protein sequences database and EMBL nucleotide sequence database on CD-ROMs
  • Database searches optimised for CD-ROM (both sequence similarity and lexical searches for authors, keywords, etc.)
  • many interpretative methods: hydropathy, patterns, composition, etc.

We will change our distribution policy in preparation of the release of the new Intralab application packages, and make available a special version of MacMolly – called MacMolly Tetra Lite – by download for free. All you have to do is to follow the instructions on the download pages. MacMolly Tetra Lite contains many of the functions of MacMolly, but not the databases and the programs accessing them.

Benchtop Bioinformatics


intraLab® is at the core of our Benchtop Bioinformatics initiative. It is a client/server environment for workgroups in life science research. It fosters cooperability by its built-in multiuser facilities, taking advantage of cutting edge intranet technology. The goal is the computer assisted integration of all design and experimental procedures for a given project. intraLab® offers a rich infrastructure for achieving this goal:

  • user, licence, and security (password) management
  • automated data mangement
  • project oriented visualisation and organisation of procedures
  • databases

Application programs sitting on top of intraLab ("plug-ins") extend its capabilities to satisfy specific requirements of a problem domain. With this extendibility, intraLab® can be adapted to the ever changing needs for computational services arising in practical laboratory work.

By applying current Intranet/Internet server/client technology (namely CORBA by the Object Management Group ) intraLab® can interface with existing systems. intraLab® runs on all operating systems supporting Java (e.g., Windows 9x/NT, MacOS, numerous UNIX systems, OS/2, etc.).

Very attractive licensing conditions are available for developers of intraLab® plug-ins.

Genetic Construct Design:


BioConstructor is a first intraLab® plug-in aiding users in designing plasmid constructs for molecular cloning. This includes:

  • Designing constructs (e.g., Mologen's MIDGE expression vectors): Restrictionanalysis, PCR-Primers, Cloning strategy
  • Capturing and interpreting experimental data: Electropherograms, sequence data
  • Archiving finished constructs

For further information please visit our new BioConstructor Website under

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