Mission Statement

Mologen will continue to transform the latest advances in biotechnology and genetics into biopharmaceutical products and technologies, improving human health and preventing veterinary diseases. We believe that the patient's safety is always of paramount importance. We are dedicated to developing our proprietary technologies for genetic medicine that are the safest and most efficacious available.

Business Model

Our business model is designed to generate the maximum revenues from our core technologies. Forming partnerships at early stages of product development and focusing on market segments with low entry barriers will allow for rapid returns on investment. At the same time, a proprietary product portfolio creates opportunities in newly emerging market segments.

Our business model is centered around MIDGE, the core technology of Mologen. Its manifold applications enable Mologen to act on a variety of market segments and to create, in a sustainable process, value for our shareholders. Our strategic target is to establish MIDGE as a widely accepted platform technology in the following markets:
  • Research teams with need for cutting edge vector technology
  • Gene Therapy of severe chronical and life threatening diseases
  • DNA Vaccination for companion animals
  • DNA Vaccination for life stock animals
  • DNA Vaccination for humans

Since achieving regulatory approval for a drug is a long and costly procedure, we are licensing a part of our proprietary technologies to bigger players. Thus, we are sharing risks and costs and are able to create revenues in a shorter time span. We have entered various co-development agreements for new drugs with partners from the pharmaceutical industry.

At the same time, we increase our company’s value by performing clinical trials for cancer gene therapy, numerous research projects and clinical trials in DNA vaccination and gene therapy.

In many of these projects we have experienced a rate of progress that exceeded our expectations. We took the decision to go one step ahead and create a proprietary product portfolio. This portfolio will evolve from clinical trials in tumor immuno therapy and in genetic vaccination for animals. We have carefully identified market segments with low entry barriers. Combined with low development costs achievable with our MIDGE technology, we expect substantial returns on investment in this business in the medium term.


Finance and Organization

Mologen was in June 1998 one of the first biotech IPOs in Germany. We were the first German company launching an IPO as a start-up company. With this IPO and an additional private placement in June 2000 we raised about 17 Mio. Euro. A strong cash position enables continuous growth and implementation of a strong pipeline of product candidates.

A strategic goal is to stay lean. We have set up a unique network of international scientific research groups that provide a steady flow of results and new projects to us. We sponsor selected scientific R&D projects, thus integrating scientific success and commercial viability. A point in case is the public private partnership with Freie Universitaet Berlin. These partnerships are essential assets of Mologen. They are also regarded as a role model for university spin-offs in Germany.

Mologen's staff consists of 45 highly qualified and motivated people.

MIDGE Technology

A majority of diseases is caused by aberrant expression of genetic information from within the cells or from pathogens. With genetic vaccination or gene therapy, the problem is addressed at the very root, that is, at the level of gene function. By transferring appropriate genetic information into the patient’s cells, diseases can be cured or prevented. For years, researchers in universities and in pharmaceutical companies have been looking for adequate vehicles to transfer adequate genetic information into cells.

The MIDGE Minimalistic DNA-based Gene Expression System, developed and patented by Mologen, overcomes some of the major drawbacks of other technologies. MIDGE gene packages are smart enough to find their way to the target cell. Still, they contain only the genetic information required for the medical purpose and thus are safe. This makes our technology unique.

MIDGE are currently being used in several clinical studies for cancer gene therapy, as well as in numerous research projects and clinical trials in DNA vaccination and gene therapy.



Growth of pharmaceutical markets has diminished in industrial nations, driven by restrictions in national health schemes. But Molecular Medicine is setting new paradigms for medication. Genetic approaches will grow rapidly in importance and we suspect that it will take over significant segments of existing markets and produce new segments. New patterns for pharmaceutical market structure, e.g. pharmacogenomics and proteomics will re-open market entry for new players. Although its seems difficult to forecast the ultimate winners in this game, we believe that a commitment to research, an ear in the academia labs and a strong dedication to immediate product development are essential features of a company able to survive and strive in the modern biotech market.


Buying stocks involves uncertainties. We wish to draw your attention not only to the high potential of Mologen but also to the risks to which our business model is exposed. We are developing complex technologies in the field of gene therapy and genetic vaccines. As of today no approved medication in this field exists (albeit a number of clinical studies worldwide indicate to the safety and efficiency of genetic vaccination). Success of Mologen depends to a great extend on the acceptance of molecular medicine. Mologen has not produced profits yet.

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