MOLOGEN AG receives approval for clinical study with cancer drug MGN1703

The Berlin biotech company MOLOGEN has received approval from the competent German and Austrian health authorities at the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (“Bundesamt für Sicherheit im Gesundheitswesen”), respectively, to conduct a phase 2 study on the cancer drug MGN1703. MGN1703 is a DNA-based immunomodulator, which is being developed for DNA immunotherapy in patients with metastasized tumor diseases. After the cancer drug already demonstrated excellent tolerability in the phase 1b study, this phase 2 study will now investigate the efficacy of the drug in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer.

The clinical study is supposed to begin soon at several study centers in Germany and Austria. Professor Hans-Joachim Schmoll, Director of the Halle University Hospital and Polyclinic for Internal Medicine IV, will act as the study coordinator. The study will be initiated as soon as the responsible Ethics Committees have issued their approval, which is anticipated to occur by March.

Additional study centers shall begin enrollment in Great Britain, Russia, and other countries as soon as the conduct of the study has been approved there.


MOLOGEN AG, a biopharmaceutical com-pany based in Berlin, specializes in the research and development of innovative medicines based on DNA structures. Activities focus on product developments for the treatment of cancer and vaccines for serious infections.

MOLOGEN was founded in 1998 and is among the few biotechnology companies in the world with well-tolerated, DNA-based cancer treatment in the clinical development stage.

MOLOGEN AG shares are listed in the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse (ISIN DE 0006637200).

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