MIDGE®-Th1 vector system

Immense importance for DNA vaccination

As with all vectors in the MIDGE® vector system from MOLOGEN AG, the MIDGE®-Th1 vector also carries only the minimal amount of genetic information required to exert its effect and exhibits the small size characteristic of the MIDGE® vector system.

The Th1 type of the Smart MIDGE® vectors carries a signaling module that is permanently bonded to a defined point in the single-stranded hairpin structure on one side of the vector. The MIDGE®-Th1 vector possesses greater efficacy than other vectors. In other words, the expression of the genetic information stored on the vector is stronger. The MIDGE®-Th1 vector also induces a cellular immune response of the type known as Th1. It is therefore particularly suitable for DNA vaccination against infectious diseases that require a cellular immune response for protection against the disease, such as viral illnesses. The parasitic disease Leishmaniasis also requires a cellular immune response for the successful fight against the pathogen. 

MOLOGEN AG has been using the MIDGE®-Th1 technology in the research and development of vaccines against Leishmaniasis and hepatitis B, for example. As part of the "Next Level" strategy the platform technology, together with all of the associated compounds, is set to be sold; a spin-off is conceivable as an alternative.

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